Welcome to Calendar Gal!

Why the name?
For the last 10 years I have been documenting my life on my calendar. Little notes that remind me where I've been, moments big and small with hopefully, a layer of funny in between.
Why write?
I write to connect, to make a moment last but also, I write because I can't do without. The realization has been my green light to do some more. Currently I'm at work revising my first novel. 

Why blog?
There's a lot of days spent in between scribbled ideas, first drafts, revisions and final edits. I created this blog as my calendar to keep track of it all. Welcome to my writing life!

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC and then some more...music fills my writer's well!

The writing happens each day thanks to my man of steel "Super-Dave" and our two kids affectionately known as "the boy" and "the girl".

This is how I see the world  - thanks for visiting!



Girl: Hi There.

World: I'm sorry, do I know you?

Girl: Maybe, it's a small world.

World: (Raising an eyebrow) You do look familiar...

Girl: Yeah, I get that sometimes.

World: But... I don't remember you.

Girl: Yeah, I get that sometimes too.

World: (keeps spinning)

Girl: Would you like to?

World: I'm kind of busy at the moment.

Girl: I hear ya, busy world, gotta keep moving. Next time then.

World: Are we meeting again?

Girl: Oh yeah. See? It's on my calendar. "Girl meets world - same time next week." Hey, let's take a picture....consider it a little something for you to remember me by....SMILE! (CLICK)

World: Hmm, it's not really my good side.

Girl: No worries, you still look good to me.