Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was my daughter's birthday - she turned 6.
The day before is always the same.
"Can't you just stay 5 a little longer?"
She smiles and laughs so hard that all I can see is teeth.
"Well, at least let me look at you some more; I want to remember what 5 looks like."
I widen my stare and take her all in.
Bright neon swimsuit - yellow and pink,
a worn out smiley tatoo on her right hand,
curly hair thanks to the summer heat,
a shiny green frog hairclip sits curiously on the top of her head like a bow. Misplaced? She doesn't let me decide. 
Her bright pink crocs run away from me, my last find.
I store the bits and pieces in my head."Is it all enough?"
It has to be, or else I'd never let go.
-Nancy Sima

Q: When you don't want to forget, what sights or sounds do you remember most?