Monday, January 16, 2012

An Offer Of A Thousand Pardons and Tea

Photo Credit: Free Tea Party
You may wonder why it has been so long since I have last written.   

I can easily blame the holiday break. All it takes is one day off, or in my case, the whole month of December for my writing time to fall away. In the interval, I have indulged my fascination of all things English - books, film and yes, tea. It has idled away many hours and done nothing more to my writing than to affect the tone of this post...a thousand pardons.

The choice was entirely mine although now, I recognize how foolish I was to think I could escape my necessity for words. Writing may at times be difficult, but NOT WRITING so easily morphs into something much worse. A reminder that teeters about, always on the brink of one's attention. Such cruelty I know you alone would understand. We have commiserated well enough on the topic before so as not to feel lost in our thoughts and to rally one another foward. While I have always delighted in your company in this regard, I ask that we share no such words today.  

Talk breeds trouble for writers such as ourselves. When writers get to be talkers, our words fall into a hollow, doing little more than bounce about as echoes, speaking to no one.

"Writers must write what they wish to say, not speak" as our dear friend, Mr. Ernest Hemingway once said and so I write to you now to acknowledge our time apart these last few weeks and to bid my idle hours adieu. I return to writing where I am certain you will agree, my thoughts and words will find better uses there. 

Till then, I remain sincerely yours,

Calendar Gal


  1. I got off track in December too. I think it happens to everyone around the holidays. Glad you're gettin'' back in the swing of things!

    1. Thanks Jenn - looking foward to checking out the new direction you are taking your blog. I will miss the recipes, though lucky for me, I still have a chance to taste your kitchen creations at get-togethers!

  2. *sips cup of tea with pinky in the air*

    Nancy, this is quite a delightful post. You need to read some of Brenda Euland's "If You Love to Write" and maybe you'll see the good that is to come from indulging yourself in all things English. Your mind was just idling... brewing over new and old ideas. And as for the Hemingway quote... *sigh* I agree, but sometimes having a chat is just so much easier!

    Welcome back to (hopefully) all things writerly.

    1. Thank you Barb - I can always appeciate a good pinky in the air!:-) Thanks as well for the recommendation,I will have to check out Brenda's book, she is new to me :-) How is your plotting/charting going?