Friday, May 11, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend. We reconnected after a season and were catching up on one anothers' lives, the physical and the figurative, all matters of the heart and head. Later, I took a walk and thought about all the strange places that life takes us. Sometimes, I wish I had a crystal ball or the gift of a visit from my future self with some words of encouragement to guide me along the way. Could one part of me do that for the other? Alleviate my fears and give some reassurance that in the end, everything would still be okay? It was all wishful thinking on my part and then I happened to read my horoscope the next day. It read:

"I hold in my hand a postcard from the future. It is addressed to you. It says, "Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am having a lovely time here and things are looking surprisingly good. That issue, you know that one I was so bothered about...well it sorted itself out quite nicely in the end. All the best.

P.S. The weather is lovely, wish you were here.

Oh look! At the bottom of the card there is a signature. How interesting. That is your name! So there, you see? You really don't need to worry. Just proceed with confidence."

Thought for you...On your toughest days, what do you wish for?


  1. This was a fascinating post to me. I am offering FREE readings to writers at my new blog, and what you've written here is PRECISELY what I hope to offer writers. Is there any chance that you'd appreciate a reading?

  2. Thank you for your offer but this post was kismet enough for me. Best of luck with your blog :-)