Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Meets World - Edition ll

Girl: Hey, guess what? I wrote a story.

World: Are you off to sign your book deal?

Girl: No, now I'm working on some revisions. Once they're done, I'll probably go back and do another round of edits.

World: Will it be perfect then?

Girl: Oh no, but I do hope it will be finished so I can start on the next story.

World: What about publishing, book signings, seeing your book in print?

Girl: Maybe but often it takes a few books under your belt before you even score a publishing deal. And there's still no guarantee that anyone will read your book once it's on the shelf.

World: [Pause]

Girl: [smile]

World: You writers have weird goals.

Girl: Aww, thanks!

World: For what?

Girl: You called me a writer.

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