Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Zen

He: Hey, what's for breakfast?

She: Bagels...I woke up this morning and just knew, I really wanted a bagel for breakfast.

He: Wow, most people don't know what they want, but not YOU.

She: (She grins)I think this was one moment of clarity. Do I really know otherwise - you got me.

(He fishes out a bagel from the brown bag and holds it in his mouth while his hands pull the sports section from the newspaper pile. She cuts into her bagel with a sharp knife and then stops, her eyes wander, her mind lost in thought. She looks up at him again as he takes a bite, his eyes on the page.)

She: Tell me, (her tone is serious) do you think that deep down inside, we really know what we want in life?

He: Ahhh,(his speech is muffled) right there, (he chews) that question, (he chews a bit more and then swallows) people who know what they want don't ask that question.

(He smiles and leans in to her to emphasize his point but is greeted with a deep stare and wrinkled brow. She is not amused. He wipes crumbs from his mouth that are not there, stalling to save himself and the conversation.)

He: But, you know, questions can be good too.(He reaches for his coffee mug and takes a sip)It shows you have a thirst for knowledge. (He takes another sip and looks up again. He smiles just over the rim) So, whatcha drinking?

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