Thursday, March 10, 2011

ooh-la-la: 3 things that catch my eye had me at "true".

"My Korean Deli" is a funny and candid memoir by Ben Rhyder Howe, a former senior editor at the Paris Review. In it he recounts time spent helping his immigrant in-laws to buy and run a convenience store in Brooklyn. Literary days at the Paris Review with the famous George Plimpton are now sandwiched between bodega nights and an odd assortment of characters. "Risking it all for a convenience store" the irony of those words alone is intriguing!

...a little bit of lace.

I scored this beautiful lace skirt, a $8.00 steal on clearance at Target recently. I'm so proud, I can't help singing, "Oh pink little skirt, you are mine, can't wait to style you, divine!"

...this gal has IT!

Melody Gardot is the American counterpart to british soul singers like Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse. A laid back blonde often seen sporting shades, she's a stunner at the mic, but there's so much more. Gardot's musical career wouldn't have happened if not for a tragic accident that left her with serious brain and spinal injury. (She wears shades to protect her eyes from a hypersensitivity to light.) If her voice doesn't carry you away, her story of music & recovery will.


  1. Well, I am intrigued by all three of these things!! Never heard of Melody Gardot, but I think I'll cruise her stuff on itunes. She bears a really striking resemblance to one of your bro's ex-girlfriends, dontcha think?

  2. You are so right...especially in this photo. Just don't hold it against her.